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Key Differentiators

Display Technology vs. Screen Scraping

Windows Terminal Services ( WTS) and Citrix use "screen scraping" technology where bit maps or output displays are compressed and transmitted to the remote device through published protocols. Go-Global intercepts Graphics Devices Interface (GDI) calls, which are interpreted and rendered by the remote display device. This enhances client pixel redraws as well as greatly reduces network traffic. Perfect for a highly graphic application, Go-Global uses the graphic display code in a binary format. This enables Go-Global to communicate to the host and client in a secure and optional encrypted session. This highly efficient proprietary protocol is a non-published standard hence adding to its anonymity and security.

Low Bandwidth Optimization

The Go-Global SMART protocol is specifically designed and optimized to give the user LAN line speed performance over low bandwidth lines- even slow modem lines. Go-Global has the ability to automatically detect your connection speed and dynamically tunes itself to achieve the best performance over a LAN, WAN, dial-up or wireless connection. This provides the end-user with a seamless experience- like working from their desktop- without the need to load software.

Cost Effective Licensing

Go-Global uses industry standard open licensing, a concurrent licensing model, that eliminates the cost of unused licenses- licensing only what is needed at a given point in time. Since the technology is not "layered" over Windows Terminal Services (WTS),applications are published by utilizing only one simple licensing scheme. This avoids the costly and complex licensing issues faced when using products like Citrix and WTS.

Publishing Applications vs. the Entire Desktop

Go-Global optimizes server resources, reduces security risks, and reduces bandwidth utilization by publishing only the application or a set of applications. This simplified approach displays the GUI for an application on the desktop as if it were running on the client, as opposed to having two separate "START" buttons. Go-Global allows for desktop customization and minimization of icons typical of a normal end-user experience. This seamless application approach reduces both end-user training and support resource requirements.

Single Server OS Instance

When using WTS or Citrix, an entire copy of the OS (WIN 32 subsystem) is used each time a session is launched. Ncisive's Go-Global uses a single instance of the server OS for all simultaneous remote users. Creating a secure session within a single subsystem allows each concurrent user to access applications while drastically reducing system requirements on the server.

Ease of Server Installation and Application Publishing

Go-Global's easy to use administration console makes installing the software and hosting the applications easy. A single, simple console allows administrators to publish virtually any application by pointing to the desired executable. No special training required! Administrator s can choose which applications to publish, and add functionality like printing, clipboard access, and local drives by just checking a box. Absolutely no changes to the client are required.

Printer Management

The Go-Global thin-client allows any desktop to quickly and easily print to any network or local attached printer. By using local print calls, Go-Global sends communication to the local client driver and eliminates the need to install client printers on the server, as is the case with Citrix and WTS. Specialized fonts that require server level support with competing technologies are simply facilitated by the client device with Go-Global. This approach eliminates the need for the application to send print traffic "back" to the server for local printing. Printing can be automatically configured at the time of logon, or cached for even higher performance.

Anywhere Any Client Access

Go-Global access can be distributed automatically with a near-zero footprint and installed automatically over the web from a centralized server running web services. This method of access eliminates the need to install and configure every desktop, further maximizing IT resources and providing true anywhere access to your applications.

Go-Global for Windows can also publish to UNIX, Linux, Windows or virtually any Java based device. Since the technology "passes" the application display driver information, the host can easily utilize a wide range of clients.

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Mayo & Perkins

Company Profile: Mayo & Perkins is a medium-sized law firm with four offices in the southeastern region of England.

Business Need: The firm needed a way to
improve application performance across all offices without the expense of upgrading 125 desktop PCs.

GraphOn Solution: Mayo & Perkins selected
GO-Global® for Windows, an advanced, serverbased
solution that provides near-zero-footprint clients for fast, simple and affordable application access from any location or platform.


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